Until the whole earth is filled with his glory



Where Christ is not yet lifted up as King, where allegiances are given to another king, we must seek to have the Name of Christ—our Mediatorial King—lifted up, because He is King of kings and worthy of all worship and praise. 



It’s back to school and time to buy some textbooks. What is the most important book among all the books in the world? Of course, it’s the Bible.

The Cush4Christ ministry in South Sudan has been providing Bibles to students of the Word since 2008. As the hunger for the Word has grown exponentially, we have not been able to meet the demand.

This year, there are over 2000 secondary school students in 4 States studying through an inductive Bible study course. Plus, there are over 200 students in church planter training. Each of these students pay a fee to cover the costs of the printed materials but they do not have access to Bibles unless we purchase and ship the Bibles from Uganda.

If you are a student, for only $5* you can help get a Bible - the greatest book of all time - into the hands of thousands of students in South Sudan.

For the month of September, we are seeking to raise $11,000 to meet the growing need of Bibles for over 2000 students in Aweil and beyond.

$5 = 1 Bible from 1 student $50 = Bibles for a group of 10 students$500 = 100 Bibles for a school

From student 2 student let’s make available the greatest book of all: God’s Word.



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Your gifts make us not only able to do the work we are doing now but also plan for future work. 

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Whether for a short, mid, or long term we’d love to talk to you about the opportunities we have to serve abroad.

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You don’t have to go overseas to be involved. We have opportunities for you and your church to serve at home.

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