Until the whole earth is filled with his glory



Where Christ is not yet lifted up as King, where allegiances are given to another king, we must seek to have the Name of Christ—our Mediatorial King—lifted up, because He is King of kings and worthy of all worship and praise. 



B.Y.* and his family had drifted away from Christ and his church. The worries and cares of this life had crowded into their lives and choked the Word of God. B.Y.'s grandmother often placed her faith in spirits and other non-christian attempts to find hope. B.Y.'s friends in the RP Mission Church hadn’t seen him at worship for many years. This made it all the more wonderful to see B.Y. roll into the church compound on his Honda motorbike last week. Elder Y* was with him, having traveled the half hour journey behind this wayward son of the church.

While bouncing over the rural roads, Y heard firsthand how the Lord has given B.Y. a new heart, and how he now he desires to learn about Christ and his Word. To see B.Y. was amazing, but then we began to learn from B.Y.'s own mouth how the Lord has been graciously working in his heart.

B.Y. was only a nominal “Christian.” This nominalism resulted in him being deceived and enslaved to alcohol and drugs. He had seriously neglected his wife and seven-year-old daughter for several years. B.Y. fell deeper and deeper under the influence of his addictions, even as he hated the effects of his sin more and more. He was stuck, and his friends were pushing him to join them as they ventured into the consumption of stronger and stronger drugs.

But then, in a way that B.Y. cannot fully describe, God came to him and made him able him to throw down the drugs and run away from these worldly friends. He returned to his church family and has returned to his wife and daughter and the fellowship of the RP Mission Church.

At the recent ordination and installation of Pastor-elect I.B.,* B.Y. arrived early and labored for many hours to prepare, serve, and clean up the church’s fellowship luncheon. He is learning to delight in serving the Lord by showing practical love to his people. B.Y.’s mother, his wife, and his daughter are all rejoicing in the grace of God recently displayed in this young man’s life.

  • Pray that B.Y. will continue to acknowledge his sin and turn from it.

  • Pray he will walk in personal fellowship with the Lord, and that the church’s elders might wisely carefully shepherd this man.

*Full names are redacted for security purposes



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