Our Board

The RP Global Mission Board is comprised of the following:


three Teaching Elders

Since the work of RP Global Missions is primarily church planting, it is important to have men who have been called by God to preach and disciple contributing to the work of this board.

Three Ruling Elders

It is recognized that the authority of the church is not just on the shoulders of pastors, but also the ruling elders who serve the church as those filled with the Holy Spirit and his wisdom.

Two Women Representatives

Having women and families serving in these cross-cultural contexts requires there to be women at home from their sending body who are speaking into their life and needs both in the board setting and in the field setting.

Two Ex-Officio members

The Treasurer and Executive Director are both non-voting contributors to this board. Their deep involvement in some of the key areas of the work of this board makes their presence at board meetings valuable, even essential.

President / Teaching Elder

David - Pastor, husband, father and lover of Jesus. His luxury item he brings on all international trips is handy wipes. This seems funny at first, but anyone who has traveled in the developing world will understand the wisdom of his ways.

Vice President / Ruling Elder

Dennis - As a retired attorney, Dennis helps the board dot their ‘i’s and cross their ‘t’s. This is hard work when you have a bunch of visionary types to work with.

Recording Secretary / woman REPRESENTATIVE

Anna - She spent a couple decades working among muslims. Not only does she keep the minutes for our board, she keeps us on track with caring for our missionaries and other field workers.

Treasurer (Ex-officio)

Jim - As the Treasurer for the Reformed Presbyterian Church of North America, Jim has the privilege of attend all of the board meetings for the denomination, including the RP Global Missions board. We are thankful for his number-crunching ways.

Executive Director (Ex-officio)

Heather - She used to live in a hut in sub-Saharan Africa, has been stung by a scorpion, has killed cobras, and walked for miles in 120+ degree weather on numerous occasions. When she came back to the US she broke her foot by stepping on a pebble while wearing high-heeled wedges. Maybe she was safer in the hut…


James - James is Pastor of Second Reformed Presbyterian Church in Indianapolis. He has a bit of wit, but not much, according to his wife and six children.


Bill - In addition to being one of the wisest people we all know, Bill spent 20 years in the Arab world and thus has many dinner party conversation toppers.


Elizabeth - Retired home educator and community volunteer doesn’t seem to fully encapsulate all that Elizabeth is. But that’s what she wanted us to publish, so we’ll honor that.


Vince - He is famously known as Deng Garang in parts of South Sudan where he and his family spent ten years. Now he is back in Ottawa, Canada while still managing to make periodic trips to South Sudan continuing to serving the church there.


John - He is a Ruling Elder at Southfield RP Church in Southfield, MI.  He’s also an Engineering and Quality Manager at Fiat Chrysler Automobiles. This has not resulted in free cars for all the board members.